Asciinema Dusk demos

This is a series (work in progress) of Asciinema demos to quickly give you a feeling of how things work in Dusk OS. This series assumes familiarity with Forth and i386 assembly.

What's with the external ressources? If you look at your browser console, you'll see that the JS needed to run Asciinema doesn't come from Normally, I wouldn't do that, but some browsers refuse to execute JS code that come from plain HTTP. To be fair, that makes sense. My SSL stance is mostly about encouraging you examine code you download from the internet yourself rather than trust a broken certification chain. But you're not going to examine that minified JS, are you? Anyways, if you're executing this, then you're already on a system that is a lost cause, so security is meaningless. So yeah, JS for Asciinema come from the outside world.

Getting started with Dusk

How to download, build and run Dusk in a POSIX environment.

Direct link to asciinema .cast file

On the STC nature of Dusk

Dusk is a Sub-Threaded Code Forth, what does it mean?

Direct link to asciinema .cast file

Immediate and inlining mechanisms

Dusk has fancy immediate mechanics, allowing for powerful inlining.

Direct link to asciinema .cast file

Harmonized Assembly Layer (HAL)

The HAL is a vast subject, but we can take a quick peek, can we?

Direct link to asciinema .cast file

Big Moustache

Tea for two and two for tea...

Direct link to asciinema .cast file

Other videos