Oberon on Dusk

This subfolder contains the source of Project Oberon with Michael Schierl's modifications applied and, on top of that, small Dusk-specific modifications to have Oberon run under the RISC5 emulator that lives at emul/oberon.

That version of Oberon is known to run well under Usermode Dusk's graphic flavor.

Before you can run Oberon in Dusk's emulator, you need to build a disk image. To do so, simple run make. It will run a bunch of commands in an Oberon system emulated from within the program in cmdemu, which will yield ../fs/emul/oberon/oberon.dsk. You're ready to run the emulator!

In a Dusk that has a Screen (such as usermode's graphic flavor), you do:

  1. f<< /emul/oberon/oberon.fs
  2. oberon

You should have oberon running, that is, you'll see the typical Viewer screens, with which you'll be able to interact using the mouse and keyboard.