Dusk OS — Discuss

My name is Virgil Dupras and I can be reached at hsoft@hardcoded.net.

Discussion about Dusk OS and Collapse OS takes place on a private mailing list. It works like this:

This set up allows for a conversation that is cozier than on a public mailing list. Having an idea of who's listening makes conversation a bit more comfortable. Also, because this project doesn't lend itself well to worldwide collaboration, a full-featured public mailing list is overkill.

The list is generally low volume (it's mostly just me announcing releases/milestones and answering to questions/comments), but sometimes a spark ignites it and it becomes high-volume for a while. Be warned.

Anonymity and introductions

Joining as anonymous is fine. If you don't supply a name in the introductory email, you'll be placed in the "anonymous members" bucket. You can also supply a "nickname from org/website" pattern, in which case you'll be listed as such.

You can also supply a URL that either introduces you, your darling project of the moment or your philosophical/technical stance with regards to Dusk OS and/or Collapse OS. Such introductory material can save us a lot of noise on the list and can also spark interesting conversations.

List popularity and coziness

When I began this list, I expected a few dozens of people to join. There's now more than a hundred members and it might not correspond to some people's definition of "cozy".

I'm sorry, there's not much I can do about that. If writing for that many people makes your uncomfortable, I suggest that you join anonymously. Besides, nothing stops you from simply lurking, as many other members do.

Another option is to contact me directly rather than going through the list.

Topics under discussion

The primary goal of this mailing list is to allow technical discussions around Dusk OS and Collapse OS to happen, more specifically:

If the subject you want to bring fits in one of these categories, then it's always on-topic, even when it's very specific to your particular context.

Broader topics are fine too, we just have to keep in mind the reason for this list to exist.