Funding Dusk OS

I develop Dusk OS and Collapse OS in my spare time. I really like working on these projects and if I could somehow manage to work on this full time, I'd jump at the opportunity.

These projects have a rather narrow audience and I don't think crowdfunding can be an option. I've dabbled a little in it with Tumble Forth with little results. There sure is a crowd interested in those projects out there, but it's a small one.

No crowdfunding, alright. What about aristofunding? I persist in thinking that these projects could become important for a great deal of people and communities and I don't think I'm completely crazy yet. With some luck, this thinking could be shared by some rich philanthropist somewhere. If this happens, I want to be clear: the door is open.

The great thing is that life is rather cheap where I live, so something along the lines of 50k CAD a year would be plenty to fund me.

To be clear, I'm looking for philanthropists, not bosses, hence the price tag. Funding me wouldn't change the projects design goals, but it could steer my priorities. If there's an aspect of those projects that you'd like me to focus on and if that aspect is in line with existing design goals, then I'd be happy to devote significant time to it.

Moreover, unless you want to stay anonymous, I'll be happy to publicly praise your forward thinking in funding those great projects.

So that's my proposition to you, rich philanthropist. My name is Virgil Dupras and I can be reached at