Service Offering

As much as I'd like to be philanthropically funded for my work on Dusk OS and Collapse OS, this hasn't happened yet and to keep myself from needing to spend time working with modern technology, I offer services in areas that I like.

My name is Virgil Dupras and I can be reached at

Coaching and training

I offer to coach or train you while you engage on your path to become a low level programmer. The idea goes thus:

For most people, that kind of expense is a luxury that they'll probably not want to engage simply for personal learning pleasure, but I'm also thinking it's the kind of expense that some employers would agree too, if presented adequately.

Run-of-the-mill development

If you'd like to use Dusk OS or Collapse OS as a development platform and would like me to work on your project, you can hire me at 100 CAD per hour.

Run of the mill conditions. You own the copyright. I give you estimates before I begin the work, but I still work by the hour. I'm generally pretty good at giving early warnings when estimates don't hold anymore.

It has to be something on Dusk OS or Collapse OS though, I don't do other things. Well, maybe another Forth if it looks interesting.

Roadmap reprioritization

If the project you have is something that I'd also like to include in Dusk OS or Collapse OS, I might be interested in offering you to share the investment cost, that is, to cut my hourly rate in half.

The resulting work would have to be licensed under CC0 so that I can include it in Dusk OS or Collapse OS afterwards.

Working by the hour is problematic for something that I also want to see done. If I come back to you saying that estimates don't hold anymore and you answer "alright, let's stop development", I'll have a hard time abandoning the work midway.

Therefore, for this type of work, I'll give you a quote for the whole project and I'll take the risk of additional costs on myself.